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7 "QUICK" Actionable Ways To Stay Organised In 2023

We are in the second month of this year, some of us might have tried making the year 2023 a win already and would be on a great path. Some of us would be thinking of working on our lives this year and some of us would be just starting with it. As time passes we get a little messy from where we started. There’s nothing to worry about, there are multiple ways, to begin with, and to stay organized this year.

Well, we all should have to plan our year before or after entering the new year.


Ending a chaotic year needs the end of your digital chaos too.

  • Declutter your device by deleting unnecessary data and making space for the year ahead.

  • Check your emails, and unsubscribe the unwanted newsletters.

  • Delete the old emails and declutter your google space.

  • Go through permissions on your mobile phone and edit them accordingly.


You might have pending projects from last year and that might be overwhelming to start with something new.

  • Write them out, execute the most timely projects, and tick them off your checklist.

  • For the projects that are more off stress and overwhelming to you try scheduling them if important and if not drop them.


Arrangement and categorization of your closet is a part of decluttering your stuff.

  • Categorize all your stuff to daily use stuff and occasionally used stuff.

  • Donate or recycle the stuff that is not of use anymore.

  • Make space in your closet for new clothes and accessories.

  • At last clean and arrange your closet.


Getting ready for a year doesn’t mean that you’ll get ready in the starting week with all the things you need to do in the whole year. Some Things require daily or weekly management and a part of your time.

  • Plan your meals on the weekends so they will not be stressful while you’re working.

  • Do your laundry on the weekend and have a fresh start for your Mondays.

  • Shop your groceries and things that are required in your home for the next week.

  • Do a quick clean-up and arrangement session for your home.

TIP- Switch to all cleaning supplies, that will be space-saving and money-saving at the same time.


Invest in planning and a planner. An excellent way to start your day is to write about the events and work you’ve to do. Your planner shouldn’t supposedly be a fancy one, it can be anything from your mobile phone to a diary.

  • Make a to-do list before bed every day or in the first hour of waking.

  • Make a timely efficient to-do list that doesn’t overwhelm you and is possible to achieve.

  • Take time specifically for rest and things of your interest.

  • Take time for your creative side and mindfulness in your busy schedule.

  • Make a short and crisp to-do list for efficient work.

Take a look at our rewritable planner for your daily short-task to-do list. You can plan daily, complete your task list and re-use that again in the same planner with your own time.


We all have to pay monthly bills as per our usage of things. Sometimes we forget the due date and it becomes inconvenient to follow the process of due dates. For some of us, the task of paying bills in our busy routine is overwhelming.

For this problem, we can automate the process of paying bills in our payment apps.

Our rent, electricity bill, gas bill, wifi bills can be paid on time before the due date automatically.

Automatization can help you stay organized in 2023 and can avoid the inconvenience of due dates.


Take action. Create, and visualize your vision board for the year 2023. Vision Board makes you think of why you started in the first place and it will give you the energy to continue being organized and productive the whole year.

Your vision board should have a picture of whatever you want to achieve by end of the year. Visualize what kind of a person you want to be, what you want to change, and the things you want to get done with.

At last, we are here to stay organized the whole year and ace the year 2023.

Let's find calm in the chaos while staying organized and motivated with The Creator Closet.

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